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Rowan Hudson is a pianist and composer working mostly within Jazz and Minimalist music. Moving to London in mid-2011 he studied Jazz Piano at Middlesex University and since then has formed several groups and played with some of London's leading musicians as well as touring Germany and the UK.


His main creative outlet is his Passing Ships, a 5 piece group put together to perform and record his music. A self-titled album was released in 2019 which was then followed by 'An Illustrated Land' in early 2022. As well as this Rowan leads his own piano trio featuring JJ Stillwell (Bass) and Angus Bishop (Drums). He also plays with the 6 piece Jazz group Nattacackle and the Reiss Beckles Group. In September 2022 he released a solo album entitled Whalebed: 10 Pieces for Piano.

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